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Toph Bei Fong

Need help installing a HUD for brutal doom v20b

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I have been trying to install this


now I don't use a loader. I do everything through skins folders and the settings .ini file. I'm running Zandronum 3.0 is 160519-2047 with Brutal Doom v20b. I have tried putting the files (even only A and B) into the skins folder, and then taking them out of the skins folder and putting them in the main directory and putting the lines under the doom autoload spot as Path=XXXX. This is the error I keep getting

Script error, "UDV_v1.84_A_BASE.pk3:animdefs.txt" line 4:
Bad syntax.

could anyone assist?

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Ahh, this HUD.

IIRC, that is GZdoom specific. There is an older version compatible for Zandronum (I know, I tried it).

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thanks. I figued it out. there is a patch for zandronum.

Script error, "UDV_v1.84_A_BASE.pk3:animdefs.txt" line 4:
Bad Syntax.
This requires a patched ANIMDEFS.TXT. Download the file here and replace it in the BASE.pk3 file. This will disable animation for the face, but still allow the static face image. PK3 files are just renamed ZIP files, so just open it like a ZIP file and replace the file.

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