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Where is everything from update 1 for Snapmap?

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I can't find any of the updated things from the first DLC that they were supposed to put in like skyboxes and such. How and where do I access these? Is it a matter of not updating the game the right way?

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MINDustry said:

Is it a matter of not updating the game the right way?

It's impossible to update the game the wrong way, as that's not how Steam works. When the Steam client connects, and periodically after, it checks with the Steam-Pipe CDN if there's changes to any repos. If there are, it deltas the changes and downloads the difference, updating your local files. You thus always have the latest update (or pending if you have automatic updates disabled, they will ask to download when you try to launch) simply by virtue of being connected.

You can get minor corruptions in this process if something changes independent of the CDN (like system compiled shaders) or your delta corrupts (very rare) causing a crash or hashing failure, not entire logic differences and missing content.

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Remmirath said:

Skyboxes are found under the entities (I believe under Large Props). They're basically windows.

They're not Real skyboxes dough, Just some Windows, Although they've added few Modules with outdoor areas .

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