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my first dungeon/map

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hello all, this is something I've been putting off for months but finally I caved in.

I made a dungeon style map with Doom Builder 2! it's only a replacement for map01 entryway but I wanted to make sure it was challenging enough for any newcomer. my main inspiration were old school platformers and those were super difficult, you'll find where those ideas went to deep into the level.

you can download it here. it's game config Doom 2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8yE1SyGwvDPeWs3bkRkTmZhams/view

now, I don't want this to be my only contribution or just a passing interest, I want some hard criticism of the design, enemy placement and what do you think so I can feel encouraged to learn more.

some things to be considered:
-there's no custom textures
-the map is very linear
-there's lots of Revenants (they're my favorites)
-there's 4 Commander Keens and they mark the secret spots

that's it, thanks in advance to anyone who plays my map.

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Wrong subforum, this is for art and music and stuff. Go to WADs and mods subforum.
P.s. Provide screenshots, there is a big amount of trolls around here who don't.

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