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Need to select multiple weapons with same slot number

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I remember doing this but not what I actually typed. I want to use brutal doom and russian overkill at the same time, but brutal takes priority when selecting weapons. My workaround is to summon RO weapons. I think I used a decimal place in KEYCONF but don't remember and can't work it out by looking at the wad I did this for.

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Try editing BD's player class DECORATE, particularly the Player.WeaponSlot properties, to add RO's weapons there. For compatibility with Zandronum below 3.0, edit BD's KEYCONF too, it's very possible to set multiple weapons to the same slot via setslot command, just write "setslot weaponclass1 weaponclass2 ...", the weapon classes only need to be separated by spaces.

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invictius said:

I want to use brutal doom and russian overkill at the same time

Both of those are fun, but they are not designed to work together. Enjoy them separately.
Also, don't put either of them in your skins folder. That is not the way to load gameplay-modifying wads.

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