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Good sp maps?

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Anyone know of good SP maps? So far 90% of the snapmaps I have played have either been arena maps or suffered from what I call "lockdown syndrome" where 90% of the gameplay consists of fighting endless waves inside each room which gets boring fast.

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You have no idea how annoyed I am with the original devmode savegame bug. I put my heart and soul in a SP Snapmap level months ago. However I got stuck under some stairs after glory killing a Demon and tried to noclip out - resulting in activating devmode. As a result my map not only can't be published (which I found out after I finished) the last couple of updates simply removed my map entirely. I can't even edit, play nor find it anymore.

This map had unique events, cinematic cameras, clever use of lighting, a never done before Boss fight (in Snapmap), objectives and lots of time / effort put into making Vega's voice coherent.

If I could play my own map I would fraps it just so people can see it. NOPE, thanks id Software, you frustrated and angered a huge fan of yours.

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I would be very happy if you play my maps.

- Singleplayer
- Every Level has another particularity
- Difficult: medium - hard
- Playtime: 10 - 20 Minutes for one Level
- Every Level is tested and has no bugs!

Stage 1 - Factory: TKQZWWNY
Stage 2 - Recycling facility: 8N9X9UT2
Stage 3 - Dark Corners: AN5MAULD
Stage 4 - Weapon Laboratory: BGLZHS2T
Stage 5 - Inferno: AHG5DWA5

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