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[SOLVED ACS bug] ACS_ExecuteAlways means Never

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Consider an Imp with the following addition in his pain frame state:

TROO H 4 StartScriptNamed("Blah",2,103,0)
Script Blah looks something like this:
script "Blah" ( int a, int b ) {
    ACS_ExecuteAlways( 100, 0, c, d );
    ACS_Execute( 200, 0, c, d );
Imagine script 100 and 200 just having a print() at the top, then terminating. The Imp does activate script "Blah", but "Blah" fails to run the script in ACS_ExecuteAlways but works as intended for ACS_Execute.

I've tried this with a few of the latest builds but that didn't seem to make a difference.

Edit: see this thread for example wad.

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