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Bugs of Free Update 2

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Just like any enhancements to a game, there's got to be some bugs within it. And sadly, there's some in this one. One being a very bad one. Here's what i've found in snapmap (Note that all these bugs have been found in the PS4 version):

  • The Unwilling is in an odd pose when seen in the Demon category thumbnails
  • Static Rifle would automatically revert back to burst rifle when selected in Weapon Spawn
  • Some VEGA sound clips are at a much lower volume than normal
- The container cannot be picked up UNLESS it has a health, armor, ammo, or resource that adds at least 1. So if you had a container that doesn't add anything but DOES do a logic code while picked up, it will no longer work. It has to add something to the player picking it up.

This blows, but i hope they'll be fixed in a jippy!

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