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Geek DOOM 2 and LameDuke Weapons ready for download

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Apparantly Elbryan moved those files to the source ports and Total Conversions directory. The LameDuke weapons are for Deathwarrior to put into UAC Ressurrection, but everyone else can check it out too. Geek DOOM 2 is a WIP and it's in no way complete as a few more levels need to be done for it, as well as textures for it. Enjoy them.

P.S.: Deathwarrior, even though I keep on saying it, the LameDuke weapons are ready as described.

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wth does "lameduke" mean?

lameduke is an old Duke Nukem 3D beta which Joe Siegler managed to keep hold onto while Duke Nukem 3D was in development. Most of the stuff in lameduke never made it to the completion of Duke Nukem 3D.

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