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Can you make Risen3D load PWADs from $DOOMWADDIR?

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Here's the problem. R3D does load IWADs from $Doomwaddir, when using the launcher. However, each loaded PWAD (if using the launcher) is just copied to the R3D directory, which wastes space and therefore sucks.

If you want to use the command line, you have to specify the full path to the PWAD, the full path to the IWAD and, if your PWAD has custom textures, a lot of options to disable high-res textures/models/whatever. Is there a way to make R3D "auto-add" the $doomwaddir to the PWAD path?

THAT IS: right now, to load, say, artica.wad, you have to type:

risen3d -file E:\doomwads\artica.wad -iwad E:\doomwads\doom2.wad
What I'd like to be possible is (like in many other source ports):
risen3d -file artica.wad -iwad doom2.wad
Sorry if my question is a bit unclear.

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The only thing you can do I think is put all your *.zip ( downloaded pwads in zip ) into the R3DArchives directory.

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