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I caught a cheater red-handed

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I stumbled upon a cheater on a server and recorded a brief video of him flying and firing multiple rockets. The video is here (it's from my point of view):


In the video's description you will find a link to this guy's profile AND conversation I had with him, because for some reason he added me to his friends. In the conversation he admitted to have cheated.

I reported his Steam account for cheating (there is such an option) and linked the video as justification. I have no idea if that will work, but that's all we can do, so I would appreciate it if you guys did the same. Let's get rid of cheaters together. Thanks.

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Hi people , i posted this cause i couldn't make a new thread , when i try to launch multiplayer , i get an error "Unable to obtain title storage , check your network .." is this because of my kaspersky internet security , cause doom is let through the firewall .. or is it because i don't have the season pass ? thanks

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That cheat-guy should get a perma-ban on his account(for Doom)!
Like @ Olympic-Games: If you wanna dope -> go and play with yourself ;)
Would be great fun with Denuvo! :D

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