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Doom II Nightmare in 22:56

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It's over... you've won...

Doom 2 D2All NM-Speed in 22:56 (23:11.89)


I hate map 30, I really really do. Fortuntately the first 12 maps were so good that it barely just didn't matter.

I also do a few new rocket jumps here, on map 09 and map 29. I can only do 1 of the rocket jumps on map 29, I feel like this one is a bit safer combined with my new setup for the skip across the 2 barriers.

I might do all secrets next, this new 30nm time is over 6 minutes faster than vile's 30nm time, and since his time is 56:00 for 30ns I think with all the new tricks a time under 50 minutes shouldn't be too much of a problem, assuming of course that I can actually survive through it. Of course some tricks might be useless since I have to grab some of the secrets (like map 19 I believe).

I've spent a lot of time trying to find the best route possible, so I'll note some of the things that could be improved.

Map 07: You can skip both mancubus on your left from the start, saves 3-6 seconds, but is much more likely to fail. My current strategy only skips 1 of them by having him walk far enough down. This time he didn't actually move anywhere so I had to kill them both.

Map 28: You can skip the mega sphere, for example like Henning did in 30nm2939. Waking up the mastermind should increase your chances of getting the linedef skip on the arch-vile wall. This is even better now with the other RJ for map 29, as it isn't as important to keep 200 health after the first hell knight.

Map 30: If you're feeling crazy you can try to do it in 30 seconds instead of 32, if you can time your rockets under pressure like that... I sure as hell can't.

That is all, though if anyone have any good suggestions feel free to let me know.


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If an arch-vile spawns @ Map30, just jump to the head, like in the tyson run, and kill the icon with chaingun/bfg. You get about 33-36s, IIRC. Useful trick which could save a run. Makes it a bit slower than a regular one cycle, but it will be a one cycle. You just have to stand on the very right or left side of the lift, depending on which side the arch-vile is, so the attack won't get obstructed by the lift.

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In MAP25 you could've done an AV jump into the exit instead of waiting for the slowly lowering floor to lower down completely, you had blue armor and 105 health and MAP26 has 2 medpacks at the start, and then 4 more at the first key room.
And you could also make a BFG shot in the blue skull room in MAP18 so you wouldn't have to roam around the monsters.
These two things are easy to do and save you ten seconds I think.

I can't even beat MAP02 on nightmare. :(

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@Looper, seems impossible on nightmare since the vile attacks immidiatly and so I don't think I would get far enough upwards if he spawns as 2nd or 3rd cube, I checked my fail attempt with xdre where he spawned from the 4th cube and it's just barely not enough, really close though, maybe if he delays his attack just a small bit it could work. Great idea for UV, so I'll keep that in mind.

@joe-ilya, usually I will have around 60\60 at that point, but either way I don't think it saves that much time, like 1 maybe 2 seconds? if all goes well.. grabbing the 2 medpacks would kind of make it pointless, and also map 26 is very dangerous since the cacodemons can teleport in and block you after hitting the switch.

I don't think there is any other way that I should do that room in map 18, there's also a really good chance I need those cells for later in the run, this time I did have 40 cells to spare, but getting a BFG to clear the monsters there seems unlikely. I don't see that saving more than a second though even if it did work.

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very cool, congrats on the run! It's getting insane how seemingly effortless you make some of these tricks look

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