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How to handle player death in maps?

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I am having some problems regarding weapons and player death. Basically the way I have things set up the player can die 6 times before he basically loses the game. However, there are 2 problems:

1. While he keeps his guns when he respawns, they all respawn with full ammo which isn't good for balance. In addition, he only seems to respawn with the guns given to him at the start the the map. Any extra guns picked up along the way are lost.

2. He always starts at the beginning of the map which is annoying.

Is there no way to make the old ammo stats carry over into the new life? Or at least control how much ammo the player has for each gun when he spawns? Or when he picks up a new gun for that matter?

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There's nothing you can do about the ammo when you respawn issue! The best thing I can tell you is to use the "player proxy" tile and use the "modifier" to set up how much ammo you want to start with! Whenever you respawn though, it will always respawn you with that amount of ammo!

As for your weapons, use the "gameplay properties" tile and set "keep weapons when player respawns" to true! That should help with that!

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1- For weapons, you can set Gameplay settings, to "respawn with weapon loadouts". This will make it so that the play keeps what he had when he dies. For weapons respawning back, you can either set them to respawn, or set a time to respawn them when they have been picked up. I'll explain the ammo at 3.

2- For the spawning thingy, this is where multiple player starts comes in. When a player reaches a certain module, you can make it so that the initial spawn is disabled, and a new player start is activated. These are basically checkpoints. So when the player dies, he'll respawn in the new player start!

3- The trickiest is the ammo problem. There's no concrete way for them to carry the exact same ammo back. All you can do is what daniel said: have them start with an ammo modification. However, you can reduce the ammo cap by 50%, then right after boost it back to 100%. The cap is restored to normal, but the player starts with half the ammo!

Hope this helped!

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You need to set up checkpoints if you want your player to spawn in different areas. There are plenty of checkpoint tutorials on youtube. Also if it helps I made a tutorial map, just search #cyberhell, its the the one called Cyber Hell Engine. It has all the setup I use to make campaign styled maps.

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I decided to fix the player start problem by just placing a teleporter near the starting area that only activates after you have reached a certain part of the map. It's easier than messing around with the player starts.

As for the ammo problem, I was able to solve the problem of the player starting with full ammo when he spawns, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to prevent new guns picked up from starting full. I am actually wondering if it's a bug. I use a player inventory node and connect the gun to it, and then use the "take away ammo" command. And yet nothing happens when the gun is picked up. Doesn't matter if I tell the node to take only certain kinds of ammo or all ammo, or if it should take away ammo based on % or a number. It just doesn't work.

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VentedPennies said:

have you tried putting a delay on the node? did you make sure that you have it to affect all weapons?

Yea I tried both of those things and it did not work.

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hardcore_gamer said:

I use a player inventory node and connect the gun to it, and then use the "take away ammo" command. And yet nothing happens when the gun is picked up.

So your logic starts off with "On weapon picked up"?

Let me guess, you use weapons picked up "on touch"? That's broken, "on pick up" does nothing when you've got it set to touch. There are workarounds of course but I'd just wait until they fix it and then do it properly. If you do some weird work-around now and they fix it later you might have to go back and update your map so you'd be doing extra work twice. Happened to me with glory kills.

Any way, why do you need to micro-manage ammo? Do you want to make ammo scarcity a crucial factor in gameplay, forcing the player to look for ammo a lot? What's your goal?

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