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How can someone join my server on ZDL?

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I know that this is a very sought-after question on doom forums, such as the multiplayer mechanics itself, but I really couldn't find a specific answer to the one I'm looking for. I know ZDL in and out. I know how to setup and play different wads, mods, and games on the ZDL launcher successfully, and I know how to setup the parameters for a multiplayer game. I know that when you start a multiplayer game on ZDL is shows a loading screen for the other player to join. The question is, how does the player join a server I have created? Does the other player, once setting up his doom wads mods etc. go into multiplayer settings and click "joining" into the player settings, and puts gamemode into the exact same setting as the host? And how does the Hostname/IP Address function? I'm guessing I put my IP address for the server to function, and I'm guessing the other player does the same in order to join, but is this correct? In what way is a "hostname" included? And I hear of these lanbridgers by the names of Evolve, Hamachi, and Lanbridger, that supposedly help you connect to a ZDL server, but how does that work. I am not familiar with Hamachi and Evolve at all. Please help me with this, for I am planning on setting up a server today for my friends to join over LAN, and I need help with this question. Cheers XD

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Himachi etc are basically tunneling services. You would use them to set up a game over the internet if you didn't have ports forwarded, but to do so the other comps would need himachi and would be directly connected to your pc. Himachi does have some safety features, like turning it off, setting a pw, and limiting the number of folk that can be connected, but it's important to know what it is. This really isn't necessary for a LAN game.

Unfortunately I'm not much of a comp person, so I cannot really help you set up a LAN game; I myself have failed on more than a couple occasions, resorting to Himachi because easy way out and all that, hehe.

Chances are you will need to add a custom server to your friend's config for zdl that points to your internal ip.

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A more specific question, since I should of narrowed my paragraph down. How can someone join my server I already created on ZDL?

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