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THT: Threnody released

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THT: Threnody, a 20 level action-packed megawad including new music and skies made by the Doom community to pay tribute to the late Ty Halderman, has been completed and uploaded to /idgames. Check out its page here.

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Thanks Liberation, I was going to make the newspost myself but I couldn't get to it.

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I haven't posted here in years, but I have to say, Ty was a good guy. He was the one who recruited me into Team TNT for what-eventually-became-Daedelus all those ages ago, and while we only spoke on occassion, he was always immensely helpful and tremendously knowledgeable about anything & everything Doom-related. As well as being a pretty cool dude besides.

The community has truly lost something special with his passing.

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