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Toph Bei Fong

Problem with HD texture mod

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this mod runs pretty good but there are two issues with it.

The first one is when applied, the small health packs seem to have disappeared. Where they normally are, they're not there. I'm not sure if they have been removed or just invisible. I can't tell.

The second issue is the doors stay open once you open them.

I wanted to know if anyone could help me fix these two issues because other than that, the mod is very solid. I've reached out the to author but I have gotten no response in 2 days.

edit: so I got the small medkits to reappear (stimpacks) I had to delete a text file in the mod. But I'm still stuck on getting the doors to close

edit: I figured out how to make the doors close now. I just had to delete another file. I tried to delete this topic but the board wouldn't let me. Mods can you please delete this topic for me?

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