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Favorite Mod?

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tl;dr version: Doom modding has gotten so much better since I came to the community. Content that is made to look like it belongs in Vanilla Doom impresses me the most.

Let me start off by saying it is Fucking Incredible the sheer amount of talent in the Doom Community. Back when I joined the online Doom Community in 2001; Doom modding was in a much younger state. I started off playing ZDaemon 0.99 and CSDoom. Back when you had to used DeHacked for any new/modified Doom code. I remember when Decorate came out and ZDaemon took forever to support any new ZDoom Features. Back when you would have to find the Wad's yourself and it might not even be the version that the server is using. I think it was CSDoom but you could connect even if you didn't download the Wads. Any new Weapons added to the game all had different hands holding them (For the most part. This is a huge pet peeve of mine).

The Talent now days is just jaw-dropping sometimes. I used to have a JPEG of the Doomguy's hands (A blank template of all the various hand poses). And it was like 1/4 of what it is now. So many talented people have drawn the Doomguy's glove in different postions. Which brings me to the thing that impresses me the most. I love when people create content that looks authentic to the original game. Content that looks like iD made it back in the day and just didn't use it. I've seen so many Weapon Sprites that have blown me away. I have never liked the look of the Pistol. In my opinion the depth looks all wrong. I saw a Pistol in a wad a few weeks ago that just wow. It looked so much better than even the Default Pistol. Had complete Custom Hands on it (Doomguy's of course but none of the Vanilla Hands used). This Sprite looked so good that I think iD themselves would of chosen it over the sprite that they decided to go with.

So DoomWorld what is your Favorite Mod. It doesn't have to be one partuicalar mod it can be multiple mods put together.

Levels: I am really digging Ancient Aliens right now so we will go with that.

Gameplay: Complex Doom (IN COOP NOT SURIVIVAL) if I am playing online/if it's not to unbearable to play in Single Player. Other than that I'll go with Vanilla.

Misc: Sometimes I like to play with High-Res textures (If the MegaWad I am playing doesn't have a bunch of Custom Textures that is). The High (res?) Sound pack is good too.

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Gameplay: Beautiful Doom and H-Doom(what, its pretty creative for a mod)

Level: BTSX and Bloodstain

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Gameplay: Smooth Doom, H-Doom Sometimes Project Brutality.

Levels: Most stuff on the archive. I don't have high expectations.

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Gameplay: Demonsteele (for the 80's anime vibe), Russian Overkill (because I need a minigun that fires fighter jets), Project Brutality (because Project Brutality), and Trailblazer (because sometimes you need to be a badass 80's action hero).

Levels: Scythe 2, Maps Of Chaos, and Memento Mori I & II.

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Levels:BTSX,Doom 2 Reloaded,Whispers of Satan,PRCP,Jenesis,Hellbound

Gameplay:Guncaster,Trailblazer and Russian Overkill

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