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Switching from HDD to SSD?

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Hi, I am looking at buying a smaller SSD (probably one of the Samsung 250GB models). These questions are properly noobish: how do I make Windows boot from the SSD so that I don't have to sit on my arse for ten minutes every time I switch the computer on?

Is it correct that you disconnect the HDD, connect the SSD, then simply switch the computer on?

Once it's done, how do I take advantage of the SSD's speed when it comes to playing games - do I simply move my Steam and other games folders across onto the SSD?

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You can use a program like Macrium Reflect to clone your hard drive's contents to your SSD. Then you will need to remove/disconnect your hard drive and make sure your BIOS/UEFI is set to boot from the SSD.

You can move Steam stuff a couple of ways.

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Ah that's good info. I'm planning to get the same thing finally myself. I'll get that and try it out as well. Thanks for that Mr. Bloodshedder

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