That's why I am reordering the palette.

I am keeping all the same colours, but I am putting them in an order that should keep graphics using the DooM palette from looking too strange.

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Well it looks like the project is starting to move again, so it is worthwhile bumping it up to the top again.


A few new textures have been added, new sounds have been added, and some sprites.  Some of the crappy placeholder Slige levels have been replaced with slightly less crappy Oblige placeholder levels. Some public domain material is amongst the additions, including some stuff that was originally done for Freedoom.


Things are still in a very primative state.


A new TPD subforum has just been added to the Chex Quest Fan Forums ( ).


I am currently badgering 75 to possibly set up a TPD testing server on Zandronum. (No promises on that.)

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Cool, looking forward to testing the next release! Good luck with the Project. :)

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