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Hey guys! I'm new here, but I grew up on Doom. I've also been interested in game design for a couple of years, now, and I figured that Doom would be a good, familiar place to start. I'm currently two maps in to my first wad, and am looking for some feedback! If you're interested, I'd like to publish what I've got here and start getting some feedback! Below are download links to the wad and a short survey. The survey is optional, but if you're willing to fill it out, just email them to me at doombuilderproject15@gmail.com. Thanks!

Edit 2: Screenshots!


Wad (ver 0.2.3):
Known bugs/ issues for 0.2.3 (working to resolve... when I have time)
Level 2
- Switch-activated door is broken in Blue Key Maze
- Maze segments are too narrow to navigate easily
- Certain linedefs in TP Puzzle are backwards, causing the player to teleport
when they step off
- Secrets do not trigger the "secret" message

Edit: A note on difficulty and balance. My goal with this wad is to teach retro Doom to those who've never played, and even those who aren't very familiar with video games in general. So far, every level has had the goal of teaching a specific mechanic and introducing a couple of others. Level 1 teaches the player about barrels (very few people manage to hit both imps on the raised platform without blowing up the barrels). It also introduces platform puzzles and basic combat in the Doom 2 engine. Level 2 teaches about keys. The first room you enter gives you the option of a blue door vs. a regular door. Most players in my testing have been able to figure out keys by the end of the level, which is good. It also introduces transporters and a bit of non-linear thinking.

This is also supposed to be a shorter experience: about half the length of a traditional wad. Weapons and ammo will be a bit liberal in the first five levels or so, with difficulty ramping up afterwards. Remember: you guys are great at Doom! The newer folks... not so much sometimes.

Thanks for all the constructive criticism! I look forward to more!

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As it seems you're new here, let me suggest you a good practice: Attach or link some screenshots of your level when you put it up here for download. You'd get way more downloads that way, than with just a link and a description.

Cheers and welcome! :)

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I gave it a go in Zandronum.

Map 1: A fairly straightforward map. It's quite rectangular in design for the most part and I'm not sure there's any need for the SSG in this level. You don't face any enemies that require it, especially as...

Map 2: ... you get one right at the start of this level. This door doesn't look great, especially as it seems to disappear into the sky. The backpack in here could be tagged as a secret as there doesn't seem to be any obvious indication that you should try to open the first wall. I think a switch behind the Mancubus in that room would help people realise you need to open the bars. This narrow section is a bit irritating to navigate. I wasn't too fond of the teleport maze, but I never am so don't worry about that! It did lead to problems trying to kill all the enemies though as they were teleporting continuously through there once the ambush appeared.

Another thing to consider is how you're going to balance the levels. You've already introduced a RL by Map 2, and where you've already given 2 SSGs by this point, perhaps that weapon could be reserved for a later level. Revenants only take 2 SSGs, and the RL is maybe more suited to larger ambushes of mid tier enemies, or when you start bringing in Hell Knights or Barons. The big ambush in the second map could be a little tricky, but because they're all low tier enemies, the SSG blasts kill multiple enemies each shot, which thins out the ambush nicely. If it was an ambush of Demons/Revenants/Cacodemons, then the SSG wouldn't work as well and RL/PG would maybe be needed. As it is, I SSG'd my way through the whole ambush and didn't use the RL at all.

Do post some screenshots though so hopefully others will play through to give you feedback. I enjoyed playing through the 2 levels though.

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Thanks for the constructive criticism! I will update the main post with a few points that I probably should have mentioned given the balance issues and bugs.

Also, RE: secrets. I have all four linedefs marked as secret in Doombuilder, but it doesn't seem to be triggering them properly. How do I properly mark a secret?

I don't think I did the screenshots rigt...

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It's very basic.

I suggest you study WADs like Bloodstain, Simplicity, everything by skillsaw and Scythe 2.

Mapping for Doom is deceptively easy (at least in my case) but if you persevere you can and will improve.

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