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Doombringer looking for programmer.

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I'm going away for vacation for a week and a half tomorrow and I am posting this here first.

Doombringer no longer has a dedicated programmer on the team. Andrew Apted used to be the one doing the complicated coding while I did what I could with less complicated things.
But due to personal reasons he no longer can be part of the team.

It was a great year working with Andrew, his additions was invaluable and I learned a lot from working with him. It's safe to say I am very grateful for his help and for the opportunity to letting me work with him.

But now we need someone to replace his duties on the project. Andrew worked really hard throughout this year and managed to get a lot of important work done. But as it always is, a lot of things are unfinished.

Some of these things include but are not limited to:
* Bots - The bots are working, and are playable. But they are in a bit of a half way state. They move around the map. With or without waypoints in the map. But they are rather stupid still, and can get stuck1. They make up for this with insane aim.

* Duel - This is almost done, but there are a few more minor issues with Queues and end stat screens causing trouble for users.

* Player model animations - Lots of work has been done. But still missing a few steps to my understanding to make the characters blend the animations and move according to player input. Right now they only move around more or less similarly to how you would expect them to in Quake1.

* Server browser - Again, perfectly functional. But missing a few key features or in some cases got halfway implemented features.

The reason I am posting these things are so you can get an idea of what kind some of the work you would be doing on the project. There will of course be other things that will be asked of you. Such as offer technical advice, help with getting sounds to play as they are supposed, when they are supposed to. Programming monster logic. etc.

At the moment Doombringer is predominantly a multiplayer game with a focus on Duel. Though with additional modes like Rocket arena, Free for all and Instagib.

But the goal is to take the sensibilities of an multiplayer arena shooter and turning towards creating a compelling single and cooperative game play experience. With aggressive, strategical and technical combat where your skills in a wide array may inform your way to play the game as well as test your abilities.

If you find the prospect of working on a project like Doombringer interesting, you can send me a PM here on Doomworld. I will get to them as soon as I can.

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