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Complex 502. Arrival (update 3)

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Game: Doom 2
Port: Boom \ ZDoom
Slot: MAP01

I figured that my first work, published more than a year ago, is get own theme on DoomWorld. Bringing together grains of criticism I decided to update the map. Initially planned to process only overestimated difficulty and unnecessary shortage of ammo \ medkits, but in the course of work I began change map geometry. As a result, the dam has changed cardinally in the starting area. Corrected unnaturally sharp angles and just bad moments unnoticed earlier. Transforming the difficulty, I do not aim to make it easier. You need to keep of ammo and health... If you remember old map version, you likely will not find in this update nothing new, except that more adequate difficulty on UV. If not, please try this updated version. I think in the future I will not develop this map, even if others show up any bugs. All the forces now on developing next map...

* Recommended port is ZDoom. In Boom in some places you can be seen HoM's and missing floor textures (but it is not critical).
* Most of this message created by the online translator. I'm sorry, if some text is unreadable.

[ IDGames ] 1,0 MB

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