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Doom (2016) fans: Doom Wiki needs you!

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Hi folks; are you fond of the new Doom game? Care to help the great Doom Wiki improve the quality of its Doom (2016) articles? Please consider joining and helping out!

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I'm so tempted to create the Prowler article, but I'm not completely clear about the demon itself. I can't find a 3D model pic of the Prowler either.

But then again, I'm busy with the Hacx articles :)

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Please see in particular our list of needs (probably not exhaustive, but just updated):

Also please remember to take a cursory glance at our FAQ and policies. Some quick editing tips for wiki noobs are also available here.

If I can stress any one thing in particular, it is that we follow a lower-case convention for noun terms from games. In other words we refer to imps and demons as "imps" and "demons", not "Imps" and "Demons". This was decided by consensus a long time ago and new editors frequently do not understand or object to it because they are accustomed to the conventions followed by game manuals (and in 2016, in the game's on-screen text as well).

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shotfan said:

Will look into it (I am mostly a weapons-oriented guy).

Thanks for your contributions so far!

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