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This man and his son needs help

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It's so stupid that people won't hire him for being old but will definetly vote for some other old men to run entire countries.

What a stupid world.

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I guess I have to wish people well, but I know situations like this can wreak havoc on personal relationships. I've had friends who make bad choices or don't want to do a certain kind of job or get into stupid power struggles with their landlord and their housing becomes unstable. The problem is a mixture of their own mistakes and perhaps the overreaction of the world around them plus some bad luck and misfortune. It sure helps when there's a reasonably strong social safety net in place -- and this stuff is present all over the country, food pantries and homeless shelters. Although some of the homeless shelters are "rescue missions" that come with Christian proselytizing attached.

The nice thing about social services is the person can just go use them, no questions asked. But if the person uses friends/family as resources, there is always this calculus and judging going on of, is this their fault? Are they overstaying their welcome? So that's hard on both the sort-of-homeless person and the person they're relying on.

There's no easy solution, and it's hard to mind your personal boundaries.

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There must be some kind of government assistance over there for people facing eviction/actively jobseeking/under a certain payment threshold, right? I'm genuinely not sure but if there isn't that's just one thing about American welfare that needs changing. I really don't know, though. I got government assistance over here while I was on 0 income and proved I was actively looking for work. Living wasn't fancy, to put it lightly, but it was enough to eat and sleep on until I landed a job. Not sure if the same would happen in the US.

Also, I agree with you to some extent deadwolves, he could have made better financial decisions and should have seen this coming, but you're still a smug chode who really has no place calling other people losers. I mean, you're the same guy who was on here ranting about beating up his employer just recently, from the sounds of it you're in no place to be giving lectures on acceptable adult conduct.

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California is a beautiful state with a ton of stuff to do and terrific weather year round (if you consider warm arid sunny weather with barely no rain to be terrific) if you've ever been there it's pretty obvious what is so attractive about it and why it's the most populated state in the united states. But it comes with a price.

California is probably the toughest place to live in if you don't know what you're doing. So my suggestion for getting out of your financial hole is probably biting the bullet and finding a new place to live. What is considered paycheck to paycheck in California is a pretty good living elsewhere.

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