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Graf Zahl

Need help identifying some old maps

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E1M7 is TMP.WAD, a winner of a 1994 PC Zone WAD competition. Perhaps the other two Doom 1 levels come from that competition as well?

The others are a mistery to me.

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Thanks. There's another mystery: How can this be a winner of some contest and the author is unknown...?

It's unlikely that the others are from the same source. I extracted these levels from some old compilation WADs - the rest of the maps in there came with text files but these 5 were missing them. Seeing that tmp.wad was only uploaded to /idgames in 2011 the most likely reason is that it originally never had a text file. Maybe the same was true for the others as well.

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Never seen before, sorry can't help.

But I have a question: would it be possible to create a program that take as input a doom level and compare it with all levels in archives, by shape or similar, and then give as output if there are "similar" levels already present?

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Apparently the contest winner was announced in the December 1994 issue of PC Zone. I guess it won't be easy to locate it now.
This is the best I could find: http://web.archive.org/web/20090722121700/http://www.robinnixon.com/pczone/

Wanna pay 10 euro for a piece of Doom history? If someone has spare money, it's on eBay right now:

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