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Almonds said:

hasn't anyone here had any prior experiences with scale collectibles before or something? this isn't even the most ludcirous highest price ever set for a limited edition collector's figure out there more at 11 or anything like that.

Oh I have but this isn't warranted. I would've paid this much for the "reaper" figure from the Doom movie that came out a few years back and still might if I can find one floating around. This isn't the same kind of figure though. I'm a pretty avid collector of these things and I can tell you right now this guy looks kinda cheap by cutting a few corners with articulation posability, all that. He doesn't even come with Dooms most iconic weapon the BFG which really stands out to me. That's why the high price is kind of stupid.

ID's made reasonably priced figures in the past make no mistake. Quake 2 had its own line of action figures and for collecting I've been trying to get my hands on them for years. Even Duke Nukem had his own figure line. None of them were this expensive though lol.

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