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Single Player Deathmatch?

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I was wondering if there has ever been a mod that would allow someone to use death match maps for single play, placing monsters randomly on any death match map. Either a set amount or in an invasion style format.

I tried using "AlysiumX's Any Level Invasion" but it did not work on death match maps.

Anyways, just curious if a mod like that is out there.

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Due to the nature of DM maps, you'd really have to modify them all by hand. Usually the exit is right by the player start which can be negated in Zandronum/ZDoom with the "monster percentage before exit is allowed" option, but even then, the monsters themselves would have nowhere reliable to spawn.

You could use the player DM spawn points as a location to spawn imps, revenants, other enemies that don't have a hitbox larger than the doomguy, but you won't be able to get cacos, demons, mancs, arachnotrons etc.

Based on all that, I think the best option is to modify it in Doom Builder if you really wish to convert a DM map into an invasion map. I can think of a few maps where that would be quite fun, honestly.

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Doomkid said:

I can think of a few maps where that would be quite fun, honestly.


I was kinda hoping there was a mod that would just generate spawn points for enemies. Sure the exit is accessible, but that is to the player to decide if the level is finished or not.

With things like Oblige (map generator) I figured there was a possibility for a mod to exist that would add spawn points at random on a DM map.

O well, thanks for the reply.

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It wasn't TNS but ZDS.

The mode was given a name Survival Deathmatch (or Last Noob Standing if you prefer) and the objective is to keep killing the spawning monsters while also playing against other players (you however can't damage other players with your weapons or telefrag them) until just 1 player is left. The last player then gets a BFG with some ammo and a limited time to kill the remaining monsters.

Incidentally, the mode will also be played tomorrow on ZDS again so you can check it out: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-multiplayer/90111-zds-466-xlan-survival-deathmatch/

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What's the actual method of spawning monsters, though? The maps in each wad are modified to add appropriately placed spawns spots and such, aren't they?

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The maps themselves aren't modified directly but via Patchinfo and some additional ACS hackery. But yes, each map has to be modified individually to add the spawn spots in the correct places and other stuff.

Have a link to the WAD containing all the scripts needed specifically for classix.wad: classix_survival1.zip

Here's also a link to the ZDS forum post for the relevant Classix survival session: http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=15670

In case you want to know more about the mode and how it's implemented, Krawa made the scripts and he should be able to answer any questions.

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