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General Rainbow Bacon

desolation.wad problems

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So I tried to load this up today and the ambient sounds and .ogg music files aren't loading anymore. They did, but now they don't. I'm using all the correct files and zandronum 2.1.2

Nevermind, restarted computer and now it's working. Fucking weird.

E: Actually no, I just loaded the files from damnation.wad, the ones in desolation.wad still don't work.

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Heya, if you're still having trouble -- or anyone else who comes across this thread -- I think I found a solution to the problem.

Oddly enough Zandronum seems to be very uncooperative with this Wad (probably due to the unorganized nature of the data within the Wad itself), as I've had trouble with it myself after the more recent releases of Zandronum versions.

Anyway, if you want to bother with it, just uninstall Zandronum (make sure to delete all the associated files in it as well) and re-install it real quick. Then, extract all the files from deso.zip into the skins folder as usual.
HOWEVER, before you continue, load up Desolation.wad in Slade 3. Select the 5 text files (the three ANIMDEFS files, and SNDINFO and MAPINFO files) copy them and delete them, then paste them back in again, and save the Wad. Afterwards, select everything in the Wad file EXCEPT the 5 text files you previously deleted, copy them, delete them, and paste it all back again just as with the text files, and save the Wad again.
Then go ahead and boot up Zandronum, and everything should show up correctly.

I've been investigating this and there is no real explanation as to why Zandronum doesn't want to load the sound files normally, but regardless it doesn't seem to recognize the MAPINFO and SNDINFO text files in the Wad (within Slade 3).
So the reason you have to do the weird copy > delete > paste in this subsequent order is so Zandronum can recognize the text files first, and then when you copy/delete/paste everything else back, it combines it with the data identified within the MAPINFO and SNDINFO files, and is able to understand everything again. Theoretically, anyway.

I hope this works for you, good luck!

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Hey Firedust :) I'm happy to hear you liked them, thanks for playing 'em.

As for another one, I WAS working on a sequel and finale to the trilogy, a rather ambitious 20-level Megawad compatible with GZDoom and Zandronum, and I actually completed 5 1/2 levels.
Unfortunately... About halfway through the 6th level's production my inspiration just faded off, and around that time the new Doom came out (which made me doubt the relevance of producing more Wads here on Doomworld) and I discovered the new Unreal Tournament, and began working on Multiplayer levels for that because I was really excited to learn the Unreal Engine 4 and further upgrade my knowledge of video game design.

I still want to finish the Wad and it's not that unlikely, as I still see it as unfinished business with a lot of potential. I just can't bring myself to spearhead a project where there's not adequate inspiration to present a high quality product.
However, since you asked, I'm planning to head back and give the Wad a visit, 'see if I can recover some sparks to light that fire in me again :)

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So I'm sorry to say, but at this point I don't think I'll get around to working on my Wad again...
With my current living situation I have very limited time, and I need to scrounge up all of it that I can for my Unreal Engine projects to make any significant progress with future level design endeavors.
I feel it would've been a good Wad, and even though some of the labor on it went to waste, I'm still retaining a lot of the ideas I put toward it, and plan to re-establish them in another future Doom project (perhaps Snapmap, or a whole Doom 4 mod if they ever expand that kind of support for the game), so it will live on in a certain sense :)

And my apologies for bumping, I just felt my previous post warranted a future explanation, and here seemed most appropriate.

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Hey Arclite, I've been talking to Alter lately and we're thinking of doing a trilogy to his megawad. I think something that would be cool is to make a megawad that ties stories from two different megawad sets together. Like a third megawad to explain your story wad and ours.

I don't think it's been done before, but neither of us know scripting and you could help us a lot. It's still an idea for the future so you have time to sort out whatever your situation is. Anyway, let me know what you think.


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