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Interactive Boom reference guide

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This is a shameless plug (at kb1's suggestion) for my annotated Boom reference guide. If you're making Boom-compatible levels you might find it useful; it's basically an updated version of the original boomref.txt that was shipped with Boom releases back in 1998.

The content is a rather technical so if you're new to Doom editing then it might be a bit over your head, but it's cross-linked with this video of the boomedit.wad demo WAD:

That video also has links back to the document, so if you see a particular feature in the video and are curious about how to use it, you can click the annotations to find out how it works.

The doc also has pop-up calculators for the Boom generalized linedef types. If your editor doesn't have this built in already then you can use this to calculate linedef and sector special numbers.

I'm eager to hear your feedback and suggestions for how to improve this so please let me know about your experiences (or file a bug or send me a pull request).

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Awesome; good suggestion kb1 and fraggle I'm glad you put it up here! It'll be much easier to find and use much later on as a reference tool this way, I think. I haven't spent nearly enough time poking around the guide yet, but it'll be a thing I'll likely chip away at more and more over time on breaks at work.

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Aahh this is excellent and now a world open for me! I love Boom maps, this boom example wad is greatly helping me making my own maps. Thanks for the video and wad :)

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