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HELL'S MAW (finally) - custom Hell architecture

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After some drama, I FINALLY have a working version of my #progression #upgrades #hellMap up and running... ID QYPM8SCF

Features the use of Hell Props in modules to alter the architecture and progression....

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This is a great, great looking map! Good work on them props!

  • Gameplay: 4/5 – Very good combats. Always kept me on my toes! Enemies fit with their modules, and gave some challenge!
  • Difficulty: 4/5 – No difficulty modifiers, but none are needed. This map is tough, but in the way it took time and testing to keep it tough, but manageable! Nice!
  • Map Design: 4/5 – Good use of props in the hell area! I like the arc circle that hid the green core. Also some nice hiding spots for the hell tablets.
  • Sound: 2/5 – I don’t remember the music, cause I think it was one track, or absent when there isn’t any enemies. Try adding idle track during, well, idling moments.
  • Uniqueness: 3/5 – The great combats and well-placed enemies give this map finesse, but the technical quirks make this map less noteworthy.
  • Technicality: 2/5 – Some parts of the map force me to start from the beginning after death, and walk back, and also without any weapon I picked up. Try checkpoints or keep guns after death. The last part didn’t had this. Also I walked through a red transparent wall, which I think was intentional.
Good mapping throughout! Keep it up!

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