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Keyboard Lag (and Similar)

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Is this a known thing? I thought I was having mouse issues for the longest, but I realized that certain keyboards* will keep the input for a fraction of a second after you release a key, which is easily enough to compromise movement significantly. The effect feels a lot like even flat floors are incredibly slippery. (I somehow recorded a number of (uglified) runs this way. -_-)

*Sometimes it's the keyboard, sometimes it's having a lot of programs open, etc. Seems to be a variety of factors.

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Yes, but it is usually minute.
There are time-delays from all of the hardware inputs. Analog mice, mouse driver resampling, keyboard input, etc...
In my experience, older hardware can cause a significant delay especially with monitor and sound drivers; vsync and the old EAX drivers, for example, can cause up to a second of delay. Especially if the game is framerate driven like Quake. The difference is extremely noticable if you play something like Quake on 1999 hardware versus ezquake(source port of Quake) with a 500ms sampling mouse and an uncapped modern flatscreen.

Similarly, I recall Phml talking about how DOOM is harder than prboom to play -- I believe that it is these kinds of hardware input issues(and the way the OS handles them) that causes these differences.

It _could_ be a faulty keyboard or a generic keyboard driver that is causing your problem; an easy test would be to play something else and see if you see the problem there.(or just swap out your keyboard -- if you use an analog keyboard like I do, you will need to reboot for the drivers to reset to the new one.)

Lag(or OS delay I should say) from having too many programs open is simply a RAM or shared memory problem. Real operating systems would cache your inputs from the input devices(keyboard, etc...); now, the new "hybrid" NT kernel(and NT kernel mode subsystem)just drops them until it is ready for user input. Crap written by amateurs.

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