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Mysteriously masterbanned from Zandronum servers

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So, a few days ago, I joined a Complex Doom survival server from Doomseeker. My ping was quite bad, so I disconnected after about 1 minute. And I get a message that I was banned from Zandronum masterserver. I also don't see my IP at Zandronum Master Banlist. I don't think I could be caught in a range ban, because as far as I know, my IP isn't dynamic.

So, could the Zandronum staff unban me, or if I was legitemately banned, tell me reason of the ban and how much time left till the end of my ban.

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Doomworld is a fine place to discuss zandronum related stuff, just as it is a fine place to discuss any other port.

Specific things like accidental bans are best taken up at the forums though, the zandronum admins do not frequent doomworld. I'm not sure if you were looking at the right banlist, but you would know whether or not you were caught in a range simply by scoping out the existing bans: http://zandronum.com/banlist

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