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Snapmap Players UNITE!

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Snapmap has gotten a small resurgence of new players with the update, but not enough to still make it troublesome to find someone to play a map with. SO I POST THIS THREAD TO CALL FORTH DOOMERS TO PLAY SOME TOGETHER.

Whether it be PS4, XBONE, or PC, post your username here! Will post mines when i remember it!

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Steam: seriousshuck

I'm going to be busy until late September, then I'll be on more during the week.
I play other games a lot, but DOOM has been my favorite game since I was 10, so chances are I'll be playing the new DOOM for a while and using snapmap for longer.

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Finally remembered my PS4 username! Sadly, it isn't Potato.


I'll mostly be playing other doomers' map, or editing my DWO maps. Please invite me whenever you're bored!

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