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Japanese food (gzb3n577)

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I've been a long-time lurker and didn't really decide to register until yesterday because the toxicity I read in some of the Doom 2016 threads really put me off. But hey, there are assholes everywhere, right? I doubt it's exclusive to Doom.

So my partner and I recently started browsing Snapmaps for something fun to do together and were mostly disappointed by how a) easy and empty or b) artificially difficult most of them are. We didn't want cheesy narratives, MOBAs or really bland survival or horde modes where if you die you suddenly lose the gun you saved up for. We wanted waves and waves of enemies where the only way to fuck up is to run out of ammo.

In short, a Doom map.

After four days of intense testing I decided it would be great to find some people who aren't us to test it instead c:

The code is gzb3n577 and the map's name is UDON, if anyone is interested.

Here's what it has:
-No necessary secrets. We didn't need them and neither will you.
-No health or ammo placements. Coordinate glory kills.
-Respawning armour (one minute delay).
-Selectable loadouts (both weapons and grenades).
-Teamwork (don't let the red key door close on your friend).
-An actual use for the health dispenser equipment (I recommend at least one of you have it).
-Permadeath. Don't let either of you go down.
-No convoluted multi-paths. Just go forward.
-Too many pinkies.

There are some issues we've had in the past which may still be there.
-Player 2 lag after killing the cyber-mancubus (overlapping scripts?)
-Some props not being solid.
-Some enemies spawning in places they shouldn't.
-Some transporters not activating at the right times.

I'm no programmer at all--in fact I'm obviously a mapper--but we just wanted to have fun while being barely able to complete it. Something challenging.

Now I'm off to check out the other forums d;

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