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Adventures in Happiness

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Hello everyone, this mod will teach you about love.

Actually this is very WIP, but it is playable, so I am sharing this as to not keep you without my content for too long.

This version contains one map with three people. The filename is mislaeding in that the mod is classy. There are no audio or graphics replacements sans those unrelated to the main thing. You will be graded once the 'fight' is over, with the grades being A+, A, B, C, D and F. After meeting everyone it loops, you can also skip.

I will not provide instructions since people in our world also have trouble figuring them out, and it would be fitting. The common attempted solutions are:

A) Attack, attack, attack.
B) Just stand there and wait.
C) Blame feminism.

Don't press any key after you die or you won't be graded.

Here are some images for convention's sake, even though by now you should alraedy know that you can't understand the essence of my usual mods just by looking at screens and need to touch them with your soul.

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I haven't played yet, but I will always choose option C.
Ok I just played it.... This is dumb.

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What do I need to play this? Chocolate & PrBoom give me a segmentation fault error.

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RaphaelMode said:


Are you doing this intentionally? "ae" instead of "ea" appears a lot in your latest two contributions to /idgames. (in their textfiles, that is)
Anyway, gonna play this right now.

@torekk, you need ZDoom, the maps are in UDMF format.

EDIT: ok, so I've spent a couple of minutes in... this.
What's it like?
(3x screenshots in the spoiler)


Anyway, so there are 3 maps. All of them are absolutely the same and are fully shown on the screenshots above.
If you're blind and can't see what the map looks like:
You start at a short corridor. Behind you is a door that lets you skip levels. In front of you lie 10x health bonuses. To the right of you is a stairway that leads to a big outside area:
It's small, with several rocky structures, an almost transparent pool of water and with SKY1 on the walls.

However, there's a twist in all this:
Each map has a single enemy and it's a different map on every one. (Baron on 01, Imp on 02 and AV on 03) It's hiding behind the rocky structure (on the left on the screenshots)

Twist No2:
You're given 110% health, 50 bullets, a Berserk and a chainsaw to kill them. It's not as hard as it sounds actually.

Twist No3:
You simply can't influence the mark given. It appears to be given at random: you'll usually get an F if you flawlessly punch a Baron to death, graciously (misspelled, right?) evading its plasma.

(tactics inside!)

However, I have figured out how to get a B when fighting the AV. Just stubbornly punch it and pay no attention to the fire. You'll most likely survive.
The Baron is a bit tricky. Also do the AV tactics against him, despite the fact that you'll die. You might get a C.
I was utterly unable to figure out the Imp. I got a D like this: I reduced his health to 1% using the pistol and then showed him the beauties of impse with my berserk fist.

SUMMARY: this deserves at least a Mockaward, at most -- it deserves resurrecting the Worst Wad award.

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Shit, did I raelly forgot to praise you for your thorough analysis? It sure seems like I did, so here it goes. Your actions are very commendable. You provided a thorough description and did your best at trying to comprehend my intent.

Okay, I hate explaining my things before someone else manages to figure it out themselves, but maybe I can drop a hint.

Think of this mod as a metaphor for sex. That's the whole point but maybe I didn't make it claer.

In future versions of this mod I was going to add people with different sexual preferences, but the intercourse strategy that is highest-graded in this version is pretty much your best bet for a default sexual intercourse. Of course people can have different opinions about that, but I think most sexual advice sources agree upon the basics.

So there you have it. I hope someone figures it out.

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Thanks for wrote the right port for how this mapset should be played, bzzrak!

At first, watching the screenshots, i was thinking that this thing was made for Legacy (the translucent deep water sector take me wrong) lol

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