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Heretic Default weapon offsets

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Hi all,

As I have been finishing up Heretic support in 3DGE, the one thing I have not been able to address is the HUD weapon sprite offsets. They seem to be naturally offset a bit upwards, and appear hovering.

In COAL, which is what the port uses to set the HUD up, for the normal Heretic status chain/life bar, I set the virtual res to 320, 200 -40, and the weapons align great as the dimensions feel nearly identical and there is no hovering, since the default LIFEBAR overlay is accurate to the original.

However, switching to the full screen 320,200 "overlay" HUD, the weapons hover in air, like the sprites are offset different. Noticeable on almost every weapon but the Wand. I could code in something for *real-images to set the offsets via DDF, but that would feel like a hacky solution.

Does Heretic's set the value for the weapon's psprite .sy offset somewhere? I can't seem to find it (using Chocolate Doom's code as reference).

Initially I thought this might have been an issue with the way Heretic renders the game dimensions by default, but I dont know where I might have seen that or if it is the case here. I thought at one point Heretic rendered not at 320,200 like Doom does..but maybe I am not remembering correctly.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Edit: cell phone auto"correct"

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