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Odamex Nitro Special Edition - Toke 10 Year Anniversary FFA + Tournament

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The Doom community has always been a close-knit group of friends, and over the years we've had to experience the unfortunate passing of far too many of these friends. I think it is important for us to remember them and their contributions, and not many Doomers will ever manage to contribute to or influence the Doom community as much as Toke has.

Toke was a great friend to not only me, but so many other people. He may have also been someone's pain in the ass, but only because he was so passionate about the game we all love and the direction it was heading in. I know I'm not the only one who spent hours talking to him strictly about Doom without ever getting bored. He was in the process of creating a "hub" website that would more or less connect each multiplayer community, something I was very happy he asked me to be a part of. His generosity is something I have always remembered.

He was also an accomplished mapper, between releasing a classic competitive 1v1 map in moo2d, taking public FFA on ZDaemon by storm with omgmaps, or even putting out his own coop wad. It is difficult to sum up everything he did for Doom in a trite forum post, which is why as we approach the 10th anniversary of his death I would like to honor him in a different way.

Friday, August 19th, I will run a medley of his DM wads - to me, the gold standard in FFA/TDM play in the early 00s. Saturday, August 20th, I will hold a small one-day 1v1 tournament on moo2d. Signups for that will open on a date TBA.. Both events will be run on Odamex and hopefully you can set aside your personal preferences for at least one evening in memory of our friend Toke.


WADs: omgmaps, vex-doom, tokedm, udm3 map11
Mode: FFA (on shuffle)
Fraglimit: 65
Server: [WDL] doomleague.org
Date: Friday, August 19th, 2016 @ 7:30PM EDT


WAD: moo2d
Mode: 1v1 Signup Tournament
Playerlimit: 12+
Fraglimit: 50
Server: [wdl] doomleague.org
Date: Saturday, August 20th @ 3pm EDT

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I will definitely be at the FFA event and also plan to spectate the duels (my ping is just too high to the doomleague servers). Very happy to see an event honoring Toke, he certainly deserves it, his maps are staples to this very day. I hope to see a big turnout for this one, folks - be there!

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Of course it is boby, its only like 40 megs or something. If there's any event worth it, its this one.

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Toke was a huge proponent of multiplayer Doom and a cool person. He was heavily involved in ZDaemon, Skulltag, and a founding member of Odamex. He also was responsible for some of the most played mapsets during the early and mid-00s with omgmaps and his coop build. He had some innovating mapping tricks in Vex-DM that were not seen often in multiplayer map packs. Obviously, moo2d went down as a legendary duel map as well.

The first online deathmatch I can remember was with Toke in 1999 on Doomserv. We had both just started on doomserv that week and we played on doom2 map13 with freelook and jumping on. We used to joke about how horrible we were. We spent time as enemies, rivals, and then ultimately good friends. He was a de facto member of UD.

He was a great guy and the community has been worse off without him. He is sorely missed.

I'll be hitting the friday night ffa for sure. Not sure I can make the tournament unfortunately.

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Just set this as the topic in #dmstuff - The more the merrier, this is guaranteed to be a blast. 10 years sure does fly by.

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