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Easiest way to edit the monster count in levels?

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I recently went back and started up doom 3 again with a few mods.
Trent Reznors sound pack
Ungibible mod, bodies stay.
Zombies Run Mod, the zombies now run after you.

And went around a few levels removing z secs with the regular zombies and hell versions with the simple console command using ctrl alt ~

And Ill be honest, with the added mods & proper demon placement the game feels amazing. I've never attempted to do any Mods with Doom 3, but is there an easy way to just edit the monsters in the given level? I'd like to rearrange every single unscripted encounter in the game for a more atmospheric effect. Thanks gents-

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I guess the only way to do it is to use the level editor. Doom 3 comes with one, i think it's called Radiant. I've tried to use it once, and to be honest, it's pretty awkward to use. But i've heard there're other editors.
Well, that's all i can tell you, i guess. I myself have never really been into Doom 3 modding/mapping....

(upd: speaking of that Radiant editor.. to use it, if i remember correctly, you need to type 'editor' in console.)

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