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"Tracing" Over a Cartography Map

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So I want to try my hand at recreating the Silent Cartographer map, using these as references:

(image on the left)

Is there a way to transfer an image into the "background" of GZDoom Builder, that way I can basically trace over each line easily? Or is that impossible and I have to simply guess and go my way through?

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I think a similar question was asked recently and the answer was no, though I'm sure there are other programs that could be used to make a transparent screenshot of that for you to trace it out with. Worst case scenario, trace/print the image out on some tracing (or otherwise thin) paper (or clear plastic, like what is used for projectors) and tape it over your monitor, turning the brightness on screen all the way up, which, with any luck, will allow you to see both the screen and the paper. Hopefully, heh.

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There is an option in GZDoom Builder where you can set images or certain textures as a backdrop on the grid. Go to Edit -> Grid and Backdrop Setup.... From there you can choose to show a background image, and then select an image file.

I've never actually used that feature in practice before. So I don't know what limitations it might have (it seems like you could get some performance issues if the image is really big). But give it a try and it might work out for you.


Arctangent beat me to it :P

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