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Urania demos [-complevel 4]

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Post your Urania demos here.

Urania is a vanilla megawad for Plutonia's IWAD, so please keep prboom's compatibility level to 4 (Final Doom).

Keep the the demo in a zip file, and preferably name the demo as uaXX-YYY (avoid urXX as it's used by Unholy Realms). XX is the map number and YYY is the time. Always provide a text file.

Urania download: idgames

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Linguica said:

If Urania is a vanilla megawad, why would you use complevel 9?

I suppose you're right. Gonna stick with complevel 4 then. Updated.

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I can't sleep because the thread title says [complevel 4] instead of [-complevel 4] like in every other thread, please fix. :)

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Tryin' to spread the good word about the wad. This one took a lot of work (one take) but I've finally managed a successful UV-max exit on map02 in 16:19. Strap on your seat belts because we're going hypersonic here!


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map03 ghetto-max. Seems to me like the teleporting Arachnotrons get stuck in their closets in Boom -cl 4 and block other monsters, making ~5% of the kills impossible. Doesn't happen in G/QZDoom. If someone can confirm (or deny) having the same issue, that would be great!


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