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Cannon - My 1-Level Tribute to Ultimate DOOM

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After several weeks of making this level and a week of trying (and failing) get it on /idgames, I present my 1-level tribute to Ultimate DOOM! I think it's pretty Okay. It's beatable in Chocolate Doom, but two of the sectors don't move down when they're triggered, so I recommend playing it in your limit-removing source port of choice. It takes me about 4 minutes to beat casually and it's got 4 secrets in total. It's a simple E1M1 replacement, so start up a new game in E1 and go to town.

Some screenshots:

And here's the top-down view of the entire map in Doom Builder 2:


Also, thanks to Liberation and bzzrak for helping me fix an alignment issue I had in the map when I showed it off in the, "What are you working on?" thread.

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