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Gore Nest Fest - HN5MY3Y4 - single player map

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Hello, forum people of this forum.

This is my first published snap map. I tried to pay a lot of attention to testing, details and all.

It's about 15 to 20 minutes to play. Destroy four gore nests to unlock exit room. Tried to keep it simple and working and fun. There are secrets, weapon wheel, music, ambient sound, 6 guns and demons and everything.

search: Gore Nest Fest 1.0 or HN5MY3Y4

So please give it a try, feedback would be appreciated.


(ok, known bugs: one lockdown doesent lockdown anything...)

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I can't believe this is a "first map". I'm not good at writing reviews, so to put it totally subjective, I like to play maps (well, to quote...) that are "simple and working and fun".

Plus, I like maps with atmosphere, and I can't blame this map for not having any!
I can only blame myself for being a lame player... but I'll replay the map anyway to get those secrets and higher scores. I don't play every day and I like to save my time for quality maps. Thank you. :)

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Hi there!

I'm played your map now, what is creative but have some bugs and missings and a bit bored to me! Bored because I'm tired of the nex type of snapmaps: "mass of demons come to kill you who's have 1000% lifepower - but don't worry because you've tons of ammo/armor/health".
Over 5 minutes I'm bored really, I'm only go forward and shoot and nothing any more! Ok, there is some "secrets", but those secrets was not real secrets, I'm find all of them easely...

But I repeat: your map is really creative just next time try to hide the secrets more (go to check some tutorial videos at youtube), use a bit less of demons/pickups, etc!

The less is much more sometimes!

Found Video: What not to make in Doom Snapmap

DOOM SnapMap Tutorials - YouTube

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