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And Hell Followed

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And Hell Followed is Fearrific's big bad cousin. Features total sprite/texture/sound replacement, 23 new monsters, 2 new skill levels, dynamic fog applied on every Doom level and a whole lot of other things. Highly customizable, compatible with almost every major Doom mod.

F4_Music : Complete music replacement for all DOOM wads that use default songs
F4_Sounds: Complete sound replacement for all DOOM actors and most weapons
F4_Sprites: Complete sprite overhaul/replacement for all DOOM actors and powerups
F4_Textures: Complete texture replacement for all DOOM/2 textures. ALL textures used in vanilla games are replaced
gzDoom.pk3: For environmental fog on EVERY level of Doom/DoomII/Plutonia/TNT/every goddamn wad you want.

CHOOSE ONE (They both work with the Starter Pack)
BrutalDoom_Nightmare: THE Mod. The core, the apex of all that is DooM. Randomized spawns for monsters and decorations, with 23 new or heavily modified monsters for guaranteed fun.
Brutality_Nightmare: Fully randomized Project Brutality spawns with my additions to the bestiary. Meaning, BrutalDoomNightmare monsters in Project Brutality, fully implemented (not brutalized since I lack the time and skills to do so, but still)
Both replace Map30 with SgtMarkIV's Icon of Sin Boss fight and add 2 new difficulty levels to the game, increasing monster aggressiveness and projectile types.

The package includes a modified version of Saegiru's UDV with new sounds along with a few other optional files like a modified D4 weapons for DooM and a few compatibility patches.

ModDB link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/addons/and-hell-followed

Images: http://imgur.com/a/r5FtQ

Good day to you all \o

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I noticed you did not include a few files from the installation readme.
For the Brutal Doom install.
1. F4_Music.pk3
2. F4_Nightmare.pk3 (Im not sure if this is supposed to be Brutal_Nightmare or if I actually need the F4_Nightmare .pk3. If its the first, I suggest updating your readme.)

For Project Brutality
1. PrBru2.pk3
2. F4_Music.pk3 (again)

I gave it a quick whirl and noticed something a bit strange. The weird looking imps (Zombie Imps?) would either randomly die (for no reason) or multiply (for no reason). Its rather odd and I am still trying to figure out why its happening.

Just so you know, I am using the drag and drop method and I am loading the files in this order.
brutalv20b.pk3 + UDVBase.pk3 + UDVBD20.pk3 + UDVMisc1.pk3 + UDVMisc2.pk3 + F4_Music.pk3 + F4_Sounds.pk3 + F4_Textures.pk3 + BrutalDoom_Nightmare.pk3 + D4WeaponsforBDV2b.pk3 + F4_Sprites.pk3

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vespa said:

You gave Doomguy the voice of Duke Nukem? That's blasphemy!

Admit it, it's way better than the cheesy lines they gave him. (and I totally forgot that I added him XD)

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