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Zulk RS

Wads so bad they're good.

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mrthejoshmon said:

I second that you make garbage.

No offence but you really need to work harder on your maps and also need to stop trying to be funny with the crap you make, the cringe is real.

I honestly think you could make something of yourself but you just don't try.

I want to see more mappers do well, it is a great sight to see, but you are just gimping yourself.


JOW.wad: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/jow

When one man accidentally becomes the human version of SLIDGE and makes 30 maps feel, look and play the same, only for the true shit seekers.

HELLHOLD.wad: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/g-i/hellhold

Allegedly a team worked on these 3 maps. Enjoy; HOM corridors, secrets that conceal needed keys, stuck enemies, worthless enemies, corridor after corridor of enemies and odd level design that is sure to make you question the universe. People put an astounding amount of effort into this shit so may god help them for the world shall not.

Wolfendoom Duke Adventures: Nazi Auferstehung, no link.

In where a guy steals community resources, generates a megawad in SLIDGE, slaps a swastika on every wall, uses pirated music and voicelines from Hellraiser to create actual shit and brand it as a megawad that he poured his soul into... Speaks for itself.

Hell I put more work into my wads then those people !

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Uh, No. The wads I've seen from you shows that you barely put any effort into them at all. How old are you? 10?

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Zerthex said:

all my wads...
Hell I put more work into my wads then those people !

Rule #666
Never say shit like this about your own wads, and don't you fucking lie about your efforts, you make awful trollwads every two hours in two hours.

I forgot about doom Jr.

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My first Megawad, UAC Enterprises, is what I find "so bad it's good".

I know full well now that the maps are bad, and thanks to the help of critics like Jimmy and Magnusblitz (among others), I have since improved in mapping.

However, I can't deny Enterprises is still personally fun for me to play, and has a very newbish, ambitious charm. If anyone ever wants to check it out, feel free to do so!

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Zerthex said:

Hell I put more work into my wads then those people !

Theres a reason why you are "losered" every other day. And this should be a good reason right there ^.

Your wads are shit. Its time to either stop, get serious and actually put in real effort (Like a fucking month or two. Not two hours), Or just not.

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