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Custom architecture snapmap crashing

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So guys, I´ve created this map using hell assets to create unique architecture and skybox, the problem is that whenever I try to test it, the game crashes!

Now, I don´t know if I´m pushing Snapmap to its limits or there´s something in the map itself that causes the game to crash.

I´ll leave the map here in case you want to take a look at it and investigate yourselves, because I´m very fed up with having to restart the game time and time again (Btw, the map was made on PS4): yraj6kzt

Here´s the map without the "bugged" section that is actually fully playable: J79LGJ7G

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Well the good news and the bad....

I was able to run both versions of the map, they *work* but in both versions when u start, there's a strange phasing in and out of the view. This is more pronounced in the 2nd version of the level, for the simple fact that it has more props.

So while I was able to run both maps, the 2nd one became way harder to manage and I had to look away from views that would put more of the map in my line of sight. In short, too many props (despite not exceeding the limit).

A solution of course would be to remove any 'unecessary' props in the map, you can still have the same gameplay area... some shortcuts to consider:

- replace the stone floors with a player blocking volume (solid red) and mix in stone props (flat face up, you'll need to multi select to be able to get the rocks into the floor)

- Get rid of the smoke effects and all that jazz near the ceiling, optimization is key.

- No need to place demons in the map unless they're an AI ally. You should use spawners to accomplish the same thing instead. THough you don't exceed the demon limit, it still uses up otehr resources that can be saved.

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Status report, managed to get 36.46& Network, 31.85% objects, 48.54% memory and 34.38% demons and... still crashes...

Mind that it was 72% Network, 42%objects and 64% memory. Now I´m clueless...

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