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Freedoom Story

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Voros said:

The protagonist is a some kind technical genius, hmm? Interesting.

Well, in many Doom games the technical geniuses are portrayed as the bad guy.

With my idea, you still are kinda bad, having created the monsters in the first place, but you're also on the front lines, fighting against the invaders.

FreedoomGuy (or DoomGuy) is usually portrayed, more or less, as a dumb grunt. I mean, yes, it doesn't require a whole lot of suspension of disbelief to imagine that someone fighting in a war might essentially be an infantryman, but why not change it up and try suggesting that the character is a nerd?

I also kinda like the idea of both being a destroyer of worlds, and victorious (presumably, by the end of the Phase 2 campaign, you will have beaten the monsters into submission), without having to really deal with some of the extremely negative consequences of your actions. When you defeat the enemy hordes, you could be viewed and hailed as a hero by the Earthicans in your dimension, while still being able to drain energy from other universes for future conquests.

Technically, it does portray FreedoomGuy as an even bigger monster than the monsters he is fighting, but does Freedoom have to be a happy story about intergalactic conquest?

It does eventually have a happy ending, from your perspective:

Having crushed the will of the monsters from the other dimensions, you and your superiors not only continue to use your batteries, but with new armies of slave warriors, you have created an unstoppable force of destruction for the good of Earth.

They may try to fight back, but with you and your forces behind you, they have no serious hope of ever mounting a serious challenge again.

And if they do, you'll be right there, fighting on the front lines once again to keep the monsters in their place.

"Youth, Youth,
Spring of beauty,
In the hardship of life
Your song rings and goes!
And for FreedoomGuy,
Eja eja alalà
And for our beautiful Earth,
Eja eja alalà

In the Earthican borders,
Humans have been remade
FreedoomGuy has remade them
For tomorrow's war,
For labour's glory,
For peace and for the laurel,
For the shame of those
Who repudiated our Fatherland

The poets and the artisans,
The lords and the countrymen,
With an Earthican's pride
Swear fealty to FreedoomGuy
No poor neighbourhood exists
That doesn't send its hordes
That doesn't unfurl the flags
Of redeeming AmalGamete Ministries!"

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Another idea... probably my last one.

Player: Convicted felon, in the 24th century, with experimental military tech
AGM: Something something company...
Monsters: Parasites

In a last ditch effort to stop the invasion, scientists at a military prison decide to implant you with a device capable of allowing you to observe possible future realities, and remember them, allowing you to make different decisions in the present. Scientists at a nearby base were experimenting with portals to other dimensions, when a volunteer, forced to participate in the project against her will, stuck her hand in a portal and became infected.


On another planet, in the original solar system, scientists have developed devices that they hope they will one day be capable of being used to transport biological and inert matter. However, the devices have not been perfected yet, and are still in the testing phases.

On July 27th, Andrea Jotunn arrived at an unfamiliar facility. She had been permitted to enlist in the military, despite having only one leg, three breasts, multiple lesions on her body, and an IQ of 73. They needed human volunteers for their project, and they didn't want to risk sacrificing useful people, so they fudged the paperwork and discreetly transferred her to where she was needed.

Everything was going as planned, when a scientist, distracted by the grotesquerie in front of him, accidentally nudged a dial for a phase inverter, allowing for a temporarily unstable energy signature to change the distant connection point for the portal. When Andrea stuck her hand inside the portal, the parasites dug into her flesh. Billions of them dug into her hand, analyzing it, mimicking it, modifying it, and spreading to her brain. Before the scientists realized what had happened, Andrea had become a highly infectious zombie.

Andrea, with her newfound strength, smashed through the containment chamber, and vomited blood upon the scientists, infecting them. She collapsed to the ground, her internal organs having been liquefied and vomited out of her body. The parasites continued to devour her flesh, disappointed in the knowledge that they would soon cease to exist.

The scientists, however, were doomed. As the parasites functioned in a significantly faster timebase, they were able to assume control of their hosts within seconds. Within minutes, they knew everything their hosts knew, and within hours had initiated their plan for infecting everyone within the facility.


As FreedoomGuy was chowing down on a delicious Nutraloaf in his prison cell, five guards appeared out of nowhere. He was needed, they said, for something very important. FreedoomGuy told them to go fuck themselves. He had been dishonorably discharged for saving the lives of the Marines in his platoon. He killed 97 enemy soldiers with his bare hands. That he also tortured and killed over 450 civilians before managing to calm himself down was unimportant, he thought.

He wasn't going to take any crap from these guys. But neither were they going to take any from FreedoomGuy. A tranquilizer dart appeared on his chest.

When he woke up, he found himself strapped to a metal table. His head ached. A doctor walked over to him, and said, "We're sorry for doing this, but we ran the numbers, and your file suggested that you were the most likely to be capable of saving us. We implanted a special device in your head, called the CHCLT-230. This thing can create buffer overflows in the time stream, allowing you to relive future moments over and over again until you can do what you need to do, perfectly. Or at least within an acceptable margin of error, as decided by you. While active, you cannot die. If you should die while it is in use, you can return to a predefined point in time and space, and retain the knowledge you have obtained. This can be done any number of times."

"You've probably also noticed that we have removed your arms and legs. This is to prevent you from running away. We have a rocket powered wheelchair for you that you can operate remotely with the new device in your head. A neck brace welded to the wheelchair is used to hold you in place, but it might prevent you from being able to look up and down. Urine and bile is disposed of via tubes that automatically spray your waste on the ground; health packs can be found throughout various facilities that will resupply you with essential nutrients. Weapons can be operated with the robotic arms, and there is an extremely large bin in the back for the storage of ammunition and guns. If you kill yourself, the CHCLT-230 will automatically resurrect you. Oh, and here, have this. It's a family heirloom... a pistol chambered for .700 nitro express bullets. You'll need it."

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grommile said:

.22LR? seriously? :D

What... you think FreedoomGuy should get a pistol powered by argent energy or something?

VVVVV - True, but in Freedoom, he's still stuck with essentially the same crummy pistol that uses bullets that was available in Doom 1/2. Not really the Freedoom Project's fault, as that's how id made Doom. It kills monsters, eventually, but you really might as well be using a low caliber gun.

I made a slight change, to make it sound vaguely sexier, even if it would be wildly impractical in anything even slightly resembling a real life setting.

EDIT: I thought about this a little bit, and I decided to modify Death Foretold so the pistol with unlimited ammo would actually be useful. I multiplied the existing damage numbers by 44, which is more or less the difference between .22lr and .700 nitro express. Might attempt to make a similar dehacked file for the "vanilla-ish" pistol in Freedoom.

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Four Loko Is Gross said:

What... you think FreedoomGuy should get a pistol powered by argent energy or something?

well.. from what the new pistol looks to be is that it could be some type of rail pistol or plasma pistol...

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Nothing. Story ideas are like a certain part of the human anatomy in that everyone has one and they all stink, but unlike that part of the anatomy in that a lot of people have more than one, so it all kinda gets bikeshedded away.

I still think it's best to leave more to the user's imagination than to get carried away in reams and reams of Official Freedoom Team Approved(tm) Poké-Marvel Cinematic Universe Doom4 sorta lore-o-rhea (which frankly is more of a feature of proprietary franchises anyway).

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Well, if i remember correctly, doom at first had a more complex story before getting boiled down to "you assaulted an officer, now you are on mars. your squad is dead and you have a gun". So maybe it's best to take that approach, and glomp all of the drafts we have so far into a few concise paragraphs that describe:


1. Who you are

2. Why you're here

3. What just happened


I feel that we don't need to waste space painting AGM as an antagonist - you aren't fighting the forces AGM, you're fighting totally-not-hell.


After all, the UAC only kinda became an antagonist in doom's sequels, where they developed more lore and backstory.

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Okay, here's a crappy draft. Hope my writing isn't too bad.


AGM. For the last four years, the [placeholder for AGM acronym] has been the main force responsible for maintaining the security of the solar system. You were part of AGM's special forces - some of the finest, hand-picked soldiers that humanity has to offer. However, several months ago, a combination of a malfunctioning AI, an AGM executive, and very bad timing landed you in a bad spot. However, you were offered a new opportunity. Project Aegis. A secret experiment that had been going on for years without the knowledge of anyone except for a select few - now including you. You accepted, and were transferred to this god-forsaken research base in the middle of nowhere.


Project Aegis boiled down to enhancing the human body by connecting it to a specially designed suit of power armor. There were dozens of failures - people that could no longer do anything but move their stiffened limbs around jerkily, respirator masks grafted on to their face just so that they could breathe. These twisted, cybernetic abominations were responsible for the manual labor in the base, and you passed by them daily. That didn't fill you with much hope. For weeks, the researchers filled you with various gadgets, and ran you through test upon test. But now, it was finally over. All that was left was to integrate you in to the power armor. However, fate didn't seem to like the idea of you sitting around and getting prodded by scientists.


You wake up to sirens. You rub your eyes to get the cryosleep sickness away, and they rapidly adjust to the darkness around you. The room is filled with carnage: Spent casings, guts, and a dead researcher slumped over the release console for your pod. There's still sounds of battle around you, and you won't last long without anything to fight back. You make your way to the armory - there's not much left, just a shitty pistol. However, that's not what grabs your attention. An unusual suit of armor stands before you. This is the power armor - the last element to make you whole - to turn you into the perfect killing machine.


You gear up quickly. Armor on. Pistol loaded. You grin as the armor boots up, connecting to the myriad ports grafted on to your body.


"Welcome to the Aegis Battle Suit MK. 1, operator," a robotic voice says. "Commencing test phase 1".

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