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Zandronium UDMF Support

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I noticed a glitch with locking a linedef action in Zandronium.

I set up a sliding polydoor, and locked to the yellow key with UDMF. It works fine in ZDoom and GZDoom, but Zandronium 2.12 seems to ignore that its locked, though it otherwise functions correctly.

Is this simply an unsupported feature in Zandronium, or are there plans to incorporate it in version 3?

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Applying locks to any linedef action is a relatively new ZDoom/UDMF feature, and Zandronum has always been behind ZDoom in regards of available features, so it's understandable that older versions of Zandronum don't have it, but newer versions will definitely have it, if they don't already do (try Zandronum 3.0).

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