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Graphic tablets and Digitizers thread

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It's not a secret that many game\movie\graphic oriented companies and individual artists using graphic tablets or digitizer monitors. Most of them use Wacom products because of real joy of creating stuff + average price for good tablet quality. And, probably, no one even tries to do so earlier (I don't mind about Genius, tried their stuff and it was horrible experience) or those companies had their local place for selling their stuff. So, Wacom was a king (queen?) of tablets. But what now?

It's kinda curious to know do you have graphic tablet and for what you use it exactly. So, do you? And why? Which company and model?

About me: was Wacom's Bamboo Pen%Touch user for not so long time period. It was really good tablet but, eh, I broke its pen so it useless without it. And buying single pen for it look as waste of money from many points. So now I'm waiting Huion 1060 Pro +, that costs ~5,700 Rubbles for me (Wacom was about 8-9k).

Used for sprites and drawing stuff.

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I should probably dig out my old Watcom for some of the sprite work I'm doing at the moment, but the cheap gaming mouse I'm using has surprisingly good precision.

Interestingly enough, a friend of mine who works as lecturer says all the students use tablets these days for modelling stuff in ZBrush and Mudbox.

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