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Uptight Deathmatch final release candidate

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Hello this is a deathmatch wad and it is 99% done all but a few floating islands to draw. This release serves as a final testing ground to make sure all bugs and errors are ironed out.

It goes from maps uptdm01 - uptdm32 and uptdmse1 - uptdmse2


Have fun


"copied and pasted"
Uptight dm was a personal project I started where the original goal was to spend as much time as possible on each map perfecting its design and item placements in order for me to learn and create professional competitive maps. This devolved into then making joke maps to poke fun at a large influx of dm creations which I found to be quite bad at the time, a very mature move. Then after I had realized ultimate-dm was not going to be the ambitious project I had desired I then merged the two together in hopes to make a massive dm megawad so everyone has to spend 10 minutes downloading from getwad. Shortly after this then I began taking submissions without a single possible care for details or level design because it was more maps, this was short lived as I had come across some maps and thought "these look god awfuly butt ugly" then scrapped a majority of them. Today the wad stands at 32 maps (2 secret maps) and is a celebration of the years of doom deathmatch and popular doom deathmatch staple wads and tropes. From all the way to udmx back to grand daddy dwango roots there is something in uptightdm for all to enjoy at least at some point or another, its even got a map so big one could host a 32 player match on there and feel satisfied with their life I guarantee it.

The wad works on all multiplayer ports, I can assure you that.

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