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The Trial in beta

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Really cool map! Got all of the giant skull switches except for the one in path 1; it's perpetually blocked by bars, I've hit every switch I can find and been pretty thorough.

Edit: Lol, nevermind figured it out.

I do think that that one pillar leading to the raised platforms from the skull switches being a lift could be more obvious; it could be textured in a more standard lift texture for example.

http://imgur.com/a/DAWcg This guy right here was the only enemy I couldn't kill; no idea why he was visible this way or what's wrong with him.

Anyway I found the map to be pretty solid, nothing to recommend except that perhaps there should be a big final confrontation. I was loaded for bear with all sorts of ammo and ready to throw down, but all that awaited me past the Icon of Sin textures seemed to be a couple PE's from what I remember.

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Thanks, Seele00TextOnly!

Good to hear you had a bit of trouble with pat 1. It's a trial, so it's meant to be a little bit challenging :).

Hmm, never saw the chaingun dude stuck like that... I'll have a look. Along with your other comments.

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Good job with this map. The setting of the ruined city using only the stock textures is really well done, the gameplay was also good. How are you supposed to get the secret megasphere in the lift near the rails?

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I included secrets both easy and more challenging. I guess this is a challenging one. Steps to get to it:

- The button next to the megaspere lowers it on a lift that you can get to from the subway tunnel with the rails. BUT, you can't get there in time, before the lift goes back up again (I couldn't manage it in any case).
- Instead, fight your way to trial nr 3, with the barrels. Walking on the ledge outside with the thin elevator, you can jump to the other side of the subway tunnel, where the Revenants are/were, and the BFG.
- There's a lion switch lowering a part of the ledge, allowing you to get back to the barrels. On the other side of the lion switch is another lion switch. Hit that to lower a part of the parapet near the megasphere.
- With the parapet lowered, you have created a 'shortcut' to the elevator with the megasphere on top.
- Head back to the switch on that balcony next to the megaspere, hit it, run through the gap in the parapet, jump down in the subway tunnel, take the elevator on the right, and call yourself a secret-finding-ninja.

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Alright, it's uploaded to Incoming. To avoid duplicity in the database, I changed its name to "Try before you DIE". Just so you can find it in /Newstuff :).

Thanks guys for having a look and providing the feedback!

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