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[HUD] Hellfire Division Resources

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Original post @ ZDoom Forums here.
NOTE: I have no idea if this is the right subforum to post this. Apparently Editing seems to be only for questions and the likes. Mods can move this thread if necessary.

Just in case people want to do a derivation of HD's HUD, here are the Photoshop resources.

- I advise you get AldoTheApache font. That is the font I originally made the HUD with. You can substitute if you want, of course.
- I have also included the original SBARINFO code inside the zip. It probably won't help you much without the mod, but you can see how I did it and take notes.

Download: Hellfire Division HUD Resources



Low-quality because thumbnails. Ugh...


Obviously, posting here means I'm ok with you folks redistributing your mods featuring the HUD or edits of the HUD itself. I have only one request - please credit me. No matter whether you modify the HUD or copy it as-is, do leave my name in the credits. Thank you.

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Bumping cause I remembered to add the original graphics used in the mod. Those will actually work with the SBARINFO and might help people who don't want to export all psd graphics as png. Numbers are also included.

To get the graphics, simply redownload.

I apologise for the inconvenience.

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Then recolour it, smartass. Why do you think I provided the resources?

EDIT: Oh, wait, that was bait. I'm so sorry. In that case, please, accept my gif.



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